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Mar 7, 2012 11:00am PST
summer's democratic national convention. >>> mitt romney may have captured the majority of the 10 states voting on super tuesday. but he is still struggling to cement his appeal among conservatives. a group is calling on newt gingrich to step aside so sanatorium can go head-to-head for the nomination. >> reporter: for weeks if not months mitt romney has been the front-runner who can't break away from the pack. on super tuesday it was the same story. >> we will go day-by-day step-by-step door by door start to heart. >> reporter: in ohio he appears to have stayed a slight step aide-santorum. >> when they thought okay he's finally finished we -- we keep coming back. >> reporter: santorum won three of the 10 super tuesday states newt gingrich took one georgia. >> i'm the tortoise. >> reporter: the problem for gingrich and santorum mass romney has more than twice as many delegates of either of the two. >> they are going to make that math argument allv there is no way that rick santorum can do this. two things one mitt romney won the math but lost a big part of his mojo. >> reporter: even the
Mar 26, 2012 11:00am PDT
similar to others. >>> mitt romney is in the bay area tonight holding a fund-raising reception at hotel in redwood shores. he is starting his day in san diego. it's his only public appearance of the day. california is the second largest source of campaign cash for romney. tickets range from $1,000 to $2500. it will be hosted by ceo meg whitman. santorum will be in the bay area this week. he will attend a fund-raiser on thursday in alamo. a new poll finds mitt romney has the greatest support out of california raps with 42% of registered voters. santorum is trailing by 19 points with 23% and newt gingrich and ron paul are distant third and fourth. >> labor activists have launched a campaign to encourage companies not to send jobs overseas. locally they have targeted the bay bridge. members of the alliance for american manufacturing paid for two billboards, should be made in america. they have placed those signs off of 880 in oakland and near the bay bridge toll plaza. they say similar ads will be placed nationwide around dozens of projects so that federal and state leaders can see them. >> k
Mar 6, 2012 11:00am PST
between mitt romney and rick santorum in ohio this morning those two took the opportunity to criticize their ultimate opponent president obama on the topic of israel. santorum and romney stepped off the campaign trail addressing the american-israel public affairs committee. >> he says he has israel's back. from everything i've seen from the conduct of this administration he has turned his back on the people of israel. >> israel's democratically elected leaders will always be welcomed and respected by my add station. israel's concerns prime minister is not just a friend he's an old friend. >> reporter: it was a chance for candidates to out to their platforms on the conflict between israel and iran. a fraction of the campaigning romney and santorum need to do to win over voters in 10 states. those in ohio first and foremost they are tied there ain't is a battleground state in the general -- there and it is a battleground state in the general election. >> we have courageous people that stood by us. >> reporter: ron paul focus on alaska idaho north . gingrich has a chance of winning georgi
Mar 28, 2012 11:00am PDT
romney. the two will meet tomorrow in houston planning a public appearance together. former first lady barbara bush has already endorsed romney publicly. >> newt gingrich reorganizing his campaign team. he laid off a third of his staff yesterday and now he will be focusing on the low cost social at media campaigning. he listed 1 enough million dollars in outstanding -- 1 1/2 million dollar in outstanding debt last month. rick santorum called on gingrich supporters to back his campaign. he will speak to college republicans in wisconsin later today. tomorrow he's come together bay area for a private fundraiser in alamo. >>> jetblue airlines is suspending the captain whose meltdown caused panic. the fbi is investigating clayton osbon. the company's ceo said osbon was a consummate professional and nothing in his record to indicate risk. osbon appeared to have a mental or emotional break down halfway between new york and las vegas yesterday this is video shot . his co-pilot ended up locking him out of cockpit and he was tackled to the ground. a former new york corrections officer took the l
Mar 20, 2012 11:00am PDT
illinois, a key battleground state in the presidential race. mitt romney and rick santorum are expected to gather the most votes. both have been crisscrossing illinois in recent days coming within hours of each other. 54 delegates are at stake in a state that one of the last major battlegrounds before a three week lull in april. >>> kind of a lull now terms of the stormy weather. meteorologist mike nicco ahead. >>> a lot of small storms passing to our north giving us chances of rain everyday in the forecast. here's a look from vollmer peak this morning, pretty clear no flight arrival delays. >>> what happened to legendary aviator amelia earhardt 75 years ago? the role secretary of state clinton is now taking in solving this longtime mystery. >>> the boo-birds critics say derailed a wonderful moment for a basketball great during last night's warriors game what had fans turning on the team? >>> that's how things got started last night at the arena where the warriors retired a chris mullins's -- mullin's jersey. then it turned bad as co-owner joe lacob went to the mic fans let him know how
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5